On Saturday, the Avett Brothers were scheduled to play a sold-out show at Edgefield in Troutdale. But the show was canceled after a man allegedly entered the venue with a gun, The Oregonian first reported.

According to a statement on the band's website, a man set off a metal detector when entering the venue. Security staff suspected that the man was carrying a gun and informed him that the venue does not allow firearms. The man responded that he was an out-of-state police officer. When security staff asked the man to wait for a manager, he walked off into the crowd.

Crowd Management Services, the private security service that was hired for the concert, alerted the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office after they lost sight of the man. Officers and the security company conducted a search of the venue, but were unable to find him. So the venue, the band and the concert's producer agreed to postpone the show.

The band explained the decision on their website:

Due to the obvious threat posed by someone in the audience with a firearm, regardless of his (unconfirmed) claim of being a member of law enforcement, we were obligated, for the safety of everyone present, to cancel the performance. It was unfortunate that such action had to be taken, but we have no regret in being in a position to make a decision which helps to keep our fans safe.

Edgefield also addressed the incident in a statement on their Facebook:

During last night’s Avett Brothers concert admission process, the security protocols in place identified a low-level security threat. The threat did not warrant immediate evacuation nor, at any point in time, endanger the audience (as corroborated by Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office).

The Sheriff's Office is not conducting a criminal investigation. The Avett Brothers will reschedule their Portland show, and will either refund or honor all tickets from the canceled show.