After two years of buzz from viral freestyles, Lake Oswego rapper Wynne dropped her first legit single this week. The 21-year-old Lake Oswego native's first official release features major-label producers and a music video with Damian Lillard dribbling in the background.

"Buzzer" is two minutes of straight bars over a menacing beat supplied by LA's Aaron Bow and Teddy Walton, a producer on Kendrick Lamar's "Love." In case her six-minute-long "CVTVLYST" wasn't enough proof, "Buzzer" makes it clear that Wynne is sticking her flag in her ability to rhyme like crazy.

In the video, Wynne raps while leaning out of a BMW that's driving around the industrial Eastside, and in a pink-lit room where Lillard just so happens to be hanging out. Dame DOLLA also gets a reference in one of the song's final bars: "My city know that lil homie's shooting from the three."

Wynne's flow on "Buzzer" is characteristically relentless, but it also means we still haven't heard a hook from the rising MC. That next step in honing her craft isn't lost on her, though.

"Writing full songs and thinking about song structure is something I'm getting more accustomed to," she told WW earlier this year, when she placed in the Top 10 of our annual Best New Band poll. Still, "Buzzer" proves that Wynne has the lyricism, dexterity and big name backers to fuel a solid career beyond a few viral blips.