This past year, Red Fang's brand has weirdly taken on some refinement.

Last December, the Portland stoner metal icons released a bottle with Teutonic Wines. Apparently, they also play golf together, too.

The band, along with Edgefield's golf course, were recently featured in a campaign by golf equipment company Callaway. In the five-minute ad, the band swing some clubs, drink some beer and yell lots of expletives on the Troutdale course. We also meet Edgefield's hole-in-one record holder, who designed his own beer-cup holder for his golf bag, and Anna Whiting, one of the course's "cart tenders" who serves drinks from a golf cart.

"[Golf] kind of has a snobby reputation—rich white dudes in shitty pants," says drummer John Sherman at the beginning of the video.

"We're not good at all, which makes it fun, too, because it's hilarious to watch each other fail," he later adds.

But it's singer-guitarist Bryan Giles who most convincingly defines the common ground between fans of golf and fans of metal: "Golf is rad. You wack the shit out of that thing," says Giles, who wears a Teutonic Wine t-shirt and a Callaway sweat rag draped out of his back pocket in the video. "And there's a drink cart that comes around."