On her single "Truth Hurts," Lizzo claims she took a DNA test, and the result said she's "100 percent that bitch."

The phrase has become the latest one-liner that's all over social media, but when Lizzo stated it during the second of her two sold-out Portland shows, it was surely no joke. She showed the packed house at the Roseland on April 27 how much of that bitch she is.

It was her 31st birthday that night, and she performed with the zest of someone with a true lust for life. Despite the recent release of her major-label debut and her first Billboard-charting album, Cuz I Love You, Lizzo's set list was mainly composed of old bangers. The ground level of the venue swayed like ocean waves to "Worship," and "Water Me" had the whole room collectively chanting, "I am my inspiration."

Her backup dancers brought a fierce twerk show—at one point, on roller skates—for "Fitness" and "Phone," while "Truth Hurts" had Lizzo sashaying across the stage in bridal veil stunner shades. A crew of black-tee-donning, voluptuous volunteers came out to join in the twerking on "Tempo," while shouts of support—mostly "You go, girl!" and "Yes, queen!"—came from the crowd.

Sometimes the audience screamed so loudly it was hard to hear the richness of Lizzo's voice. During her breakout self-love anthem "Good as Hell," she chugged from a bottle of tequila while the crowd handled the lyrics.

Her birthday celebration was in full swing—someone even came out with a birthday cake with lit candles. The whole audience sang "Happy Birthday" as glitter confetti fell from the ceiling. After Lizzo blew out the candles, 2 Chainz's "Birthday Song" blared while Lizzo and her dancers rocked their asses.

She ended her set with a double encore of "Coconut Oil" and "Juice." Afterword, when the sweaty crowd flooded the sidewalks in front of the Roseland, glitter blew down the street like a parade of fabulousness.