Five years in, Lose Yr Mind has emerged as the scrappy, punk-rock friend to Pickathon's crunchy but wise indie sage—the music festival is as much a showcase for local bands as it is a place to find your next favorite national act.

Bands like Shannon and the Clams and Twin Peaks have all played LYM on their way to bigger stages. The 2019 incarnation of LYM is similarly stacked. Stumptown is represented by the likes of the Shivas, Deathlist, Mattress and the Lavender Flu. But there's also a bevy of top-notch touring acts from around the globe. Every band on the Lose Yr Mind lineup is worth your time, and below we've highlighted a few standouts to help you better plan losing your mind this weekend.

Oh Rose, 10:10 pm Friday
Since their founding in 2013, Olympia's Oh Rose has made a name for themselves with endearing, heart-on-your-sleeve rock that's sure to win over fans of Waxahatchee and Hop Along. With the August release of While My Father Sleeps, Oh Rose proved themselves more than capable of taking the next step as a band. The album is colored by icy synths that add rich textures to their brand of rock. The new material should make for an utterly spellbinding live performance—album opener "25, Alive" is an absolute showstopper. Vitalidad Movement Arts & Events Center, 116 SE Yamhill St.

Feels, 11:10 pm Friday 
In 2016, Southern California's Feels burst onto the scene with a self-titled debut co-produced by Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees' John Dwyer. It's easy to see why that formidable twosome was drawn to the tuneful fuzziness Feels displayed on their debut. But on this year's LP, Post Earth, the band's sound has matured into something more akin to the angular Sleater-Kinney's, with Laena Geronimo and fellow singer-guitarist Shannon Lay exchanging taut guitar lines and vocal duties throughout. Vitalidad Movement Arts & Events Center, 116 SE Yamhill St.

Shannon Shaw, 12:10 am Friday
Having already made a mark on the underground rock scene with her band Shannon and the Clams, Shannon Shaw furthered her musical legacy with her 2018 solo effort, Shannon in Nashville. Produced by Dan Auerbach and featuring members of Elvis' band, the record finds Shaw polishing the Clams' punkish reimaginings of '60s pop and letting her punk-rock Aretha stylings take center stage. Expect Shaw to bring the house down with this set. Vitalidad Movement Arts & Events Center, 116 SE Yamhill St.

Surfbort, 10:10 pm Saturday
Somewhere on their way to becoming New York City's next great punk band, Surfbort suddenly found themselves feted by Blondie, signed to Julian Casablancas' record label, and modeling for Gucci. That the three vets of the '90s Texas punk scene and their Southern Cali-bred frontwoman have reached such heights so quickly is a testament to the raw power of their debut, Friendship Music, and the personalities that created that seismic shock of an album. Vitalidad Movement Arts & Events Center, 116 SE Yamhill St.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, 12:10 am Saturday
At some point, Australia became ground zero for neo-psychedelia. The next great band in that litany is Perth's Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. Live, the Crumpets often serve their brand of psychedelia with a side of joyous mosh pit. Songs like the gorgeously spaced-out "Denmark/Van Gogh & Gone" prove that the band can also churn out Floydian beauty when the mood strikes. Vitalidad Movement Arts & Events Center, 116 SE Yamhill St.

SEE IT: Lose Yr Mind Fest is Friday-Sunday, Sept. 13-15, at various venues. See for a full schedule. $15-$50.