Isaac Brock has finally had enough of the turds in Southeast Portland.

A month after shutting down his bar, the Los Angeles Times reports the Modest Mouse frontman has also put his longtime house in the Buckman neighborhood up for sale.

The Times describes the 110-year-old, 3,860-square-foot home—located at 928 Southeast 18th Ave., just off Colonel Summers Park—as having "serious Craftsman vibes." The real estate listing refers to the house as a "private oasis," with "[g]enerous-sized rooms, boxed beamed ceilings, music alcove, hardwood floors, even a master deck." The asking price? $1.3 million.


Maybe that seems a bit steep, but consider the house's historic value. In his infamous 2015 interview with Polish television, in which he described Portland as "a collection of human turds," Brock claimed he twice had to chase strangers off the property with an axe.

"Two people died. This is within 300 feet of my house," he said. "It's just a constant shitshow of fights."

WW also visited the house in a 2009 cover story, where Brock implied that he was used to having random people wander into his kitchen:

Brock’s home, nearly encircled by shrubs and trees, has a small red-and-black “no trespassing” sign out front. But when I show up on a Wednesday afternoon the door’s wide open, with coffee and a hint of marijuana hanging in the air. Sun pours in through long side windows and Brock’s alone in the middle of the room, reading on his laptop at the kitchen table. “How’s it going?” he offers from his seat, that straight face looking up from the screen and then down again. I sit down and small talk ensues. It’s not for a few more minutes that he snaps up straight. “Oh, right, I have an interview today!” Apparently it’s not that unusual for strangers to show up at the door and strike up a conversation.

Of course, this news, along with the recent closure of Poison's Rainbow, begs an obvious question: Is Isaac Brock, one of the city's most famous residents, leaving Portland?

Representatives for Brock did not respond to requests for comment, but a source tells WW he is staying in town—he'll just be living in his other house, whose location is less of an open secret.