The Oregon Music Hall of Fame Is Now Offering a $1,000 Reward for Its 72 Stolen Guitars

Earlier police reports that the guitars had been found were premature.

The search of four properties in three different Oregon cities last week led to the discovery of hundreds of suspected stolen items, including valuable guitars. However, the Oregon Music Hall of Fame says not a single one of those instruments belongs to its missing collection, and continues to ask the public for help tracking down its property.

On Feb. 22, somebody burglarized the nonprofit’s rented Public Storage unit at 1620 NE Sandy Blvd., swiping 72 autographed guitars, a considerable amount of memorabilia as well as other valuables. The collection was headed to auction to raise money for music education and scholarship programs, and items were signed by artists like the Monkees, George Clinton, Lucinda Williams and members of Portugal the Man.

The Oregon Music Hall of Fame is now offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information that leads to the discovery of the instruments. Directors at the organization believe the guitars may end up in secondhand music stores, pawn shops or online shopping forums.

Last week, the Portland Police Bureau thought it had found the Hall of Fame guitars, announcing in a press release that the Central Neighborhood Response Team uncovered suspect information and identified several locations where they believed items were being stored.

On March 15, the response team and members of the Portland Police Detective Division served search warrants at a residence in Fairview and two Gresham storage units. That’s where they recovered hundreds of goods they believe were stolen.

During the course of that investigation, officials learned of yet another site in Damascus that was likely housing more burglarized material. After executing yet another search there, they found 30 guitars and nearly two-dozen pieces of memorabilia, including signed posters, photos and album covers.

Those were thought to have belonged to the Oregon Music Hall of Fame, but the organization now says it has not been able to positively identify any of the recovered items as theirs. So far, officials have not released whose property was found other than the owner of a $20,000 paint sprayer, who has since been reunited with that equipment.

Meanwhile, 40-year-old Eric Michael Lamberton has been charged with first-degree burglary and first-degree aggravated theft in association with the recovered property, and is now lodged in the Multnomah County Detention Center. Officials expect to file additional charges, and he faces numerous counts in other cases.

The Central Neighborhood Response Team is asking the public to help find the owners of the rest of the items. If you recognize any of the memorabilia, email

Anyone with information about the Oregon Music Hall of Fame guitars should contact scholarship director Janeen Rundle (, the Portland Police (503-823-3333), or Crime Stoppers (