Amulets Creates Analog Nature in a Digital Suit

Get ready for an avant-garde industrial shower of synthwave.

Randall Taylor says the music he grew up on was “emo, post-hardcore, metal.” Yet another influence has slipped into Amulets, his solo project: movie soundtracks.

The soft ambience of “Severed Seas,” for instance, evokes Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)—while the discordant, bordering on symphonic metal of “Heaviest Wait” echoes the time-slowing dreamscapes of Christopher Nolan’s Inception (2010).

For Taylor, channeling alternate worlds is the path to self-expression. He’s a one-man Glitch Mob who uses countless tape loops to create soundscapes that take listeners out of this world, yet reflect the world around him.

It’s no coincidence that several of his compositions feature natural imagery in the titles, such as “Severed Seas” and “North Coast, Falling.” “I’ve lived [in the Pacific Northwest] for about five years,” he says. “There’s, like, a moodiness in the PNW. The rain, the clouds, the sun…it’s reflective of that, my music.”

Taylor’s music seems to evoke both the present and the future, with the repurposed sounds of the past captured in an avant-garde industrial shower of synthwave. “Where words fail me…I’m definitely not a singer, a writer,” he says. “But I can write, musically, my emotions.”

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