In a Landscape Is Adding Two Performances at Crater Lake

Pianist Hunter Noack is bringing his outdoor concert series to Discovery Point.

In a Landscape, the outdoor concert series starring pianist Hunter Noack, has added two extra performances, both of which will take place at Crater Lake’s Discovery Point. The concerts are scheduled to begin at 5 pm on July 13 and 14.

This summer, In a Landscape will take Noack across the Pacific Northwest. His next concert is scheduled for July 11 at Ashland’s Lithia Park; he will conclude the season by performing at Crissy Field (on the northern shore of the San Francisco Peninsula) on Oct. 30.

Ever since it was founded in 2016, In a Landscape has been a herculean undertaking. The performances require Noack’s 9-foot Steinway grand piano to be transported on a flatbed trailer to countless beautiful and unlikely concert venues, including national parks.

Last year, Noack spoke to WW about the challenges of In a Landscape, citing a concert in Big Sky, Mont., where he became so cold he had to cover himself with hand warmers and wear fingerless gloves.

“I’m not usually that cocky of a person, but I felt so invincible playing [Franz Liszt’s ‘La Campanella’] in zero degrees that it was just fun,” he said. “And I was so full of joy to be able to not just share the music, but share the feat of doing that thing that seems unreasonable and unlikely and impractical.”

Tickets for Noack’s Crater Lake concerts are available here. Sales are limited to four tickets per household.