Shows of the Week: Action Bronson Is Coming to the Roseland

What to see and what to hear.


The best white rapper not named Eminem or Paul Wall is a bearded Albanian American chef with a non-rhotic New York bark and an appetite for life’s most sensual pleasures—gorgeous women, great beats, a perfectly cooked leg of lamb. Action Bronson broke out in 2011 with Dr. Lecter, one of the great recent East Coast rap albums, and though he’s spent much of his career as a Vice-approved food documentarian, he’s never let his star status stand in the way of his commitment to classic NYC hip-hop. Roseland Theater, 8 NW 6th Ave., 971-230-0033, 9 pm. $40. All ages.


If you plan to see Scorpions at Moda Center, I can’t imagine you’d dislike Sheer Mag, who would’ve clobbered rock radio circa 1984—though that’d preclude them from rocking the hell out of a small and intimate venue like Mississippi Studios. This is one of the best bands to emerge from Philly’s fertile 2010s rock scene, and though they’re essentially a punk band, their formidable chops and abiding love of the communal, cartoonish spirit of ‘70s-’80s pop metal shines brightly in their music. Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi Ave., 503-288-3895, 8 pm. $18. 21+.


The pitch-shifted chirps and fiendishly fast beats of Ata Kak’s out-of-left-field dance-pop masterpiece Obaa Sima still sound like nothing else nearly three decades after it first filtered out of the Ghanaian musician’s studio and into the street markets and tape shops of Ghana. A recent Awesome Tapes From Africa reissue helped launch a well-deserved cult around the musician born Yaw Atta-Owusu and his work—and his live shows are liable to make your feet move and your head explode at the same time. Polaris Hall, 635 N Killingsworth Ct., 503-240-6088, 8 pm. $18. 21+.

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