Shows of the Week: Dark Star Orchestra Keeps the Deadhead Scene Alive

What to see and what to hear.


The recent Dead & Company “farewell” shows had a muted emotional tenor (there was no way they were really the end, and the idea of traveling to Vegas to see them at the Sphere for their upcoming residency seems vulgar). Luckily, the Deadhead scene shows no signs of dissipating thanks to tributes like Dark Star Orchestra, whose guitarist, John Kadlecik, stepped into Jerry Garcia’s shoes in the great post-Dead project Furthur. Roseland Theater, 8 NW 6th Ave. 8 pm. $80. 21+.


At only 20, New Jersey artist Jane Remover has already stood astride several subgenres and cast them aside on her journey to becoming one of Gen Z’s most exciting artists. Her new album, Census Designated, is her “rock” album, but it sounds more like a bomb going off inside a Skrillex drop in slow motion—and suggests those who believe rock is dead just need to rethink their conceptions of rock in the first place. Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison St. 8 pm. $50. All ages.


Twenty-five years into their career, Silversun Pickups have become an alt-rock institution by nestling panic attacks inside crushing walls of guitars. How much sway the Los Angeles band has over the latter-day shoegaze revival is debatable, but there’s no doubt that thousands of young listeners heard songs like “Lazy Eye” and “Panic Switch” and suddenly understood how to use pedals to turn themselves into a speck on the wind. Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside St. 9 pm. $35–$50. All ages.

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