Copy, Chosen Atmospheric Pieces (Gold Robot)

[BEAT COLLAGE] Ten years after being voted WW's Best New Band, Marius Libman's Copy project continues to thrive. Granted, worthy distractions have disrupted output, from work on XRAY.FM to the rise of the local experimental rock trio for which Libman plays bass, Sun Angle. Such side projects render Chosen Atmospheric Pieces Copy's first record of new material in half a decade, but it also happens to be the electronic artist's most nuanced release to date. Libman has jettisoned the Italo-disco and arcade-born sounds of 2010's Hard Dream for more developed and, as the title implies, sometimes atmospheric sketches. Some tracks, like opener "Sequel" and "Another Dollar," beg for a hip-hop orator, so crisp and gently building you end up being shocked they're instrumentals. Meanwhile, cognitive tracks like "Rose," equal parts glitchy and daydreamy, could just as easily pop up on a Múm record. Libman fully understands the character development inherent in good songwriting. As Copy, it's a little more obvious, given the rigid nature of sampling and banking on an electronic backbone. Yet that doesn't make it any less appealing, nor intricate. Instrumental collages like these are good on their own, but I can't help wondering what they might ascend to with the ideal vocalist. MARK STOCK.

SEE IT: Copy plays the Liquor Store, 3341 SE Belmont St., with Dreckig and the Symbion Project, on Tuesday, Dec. 6. 8 pm. Call venue for ticket prices. 21+.