Nearly 200 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Have Signed Up to Sell Pot to All Adults Oct. 1

But no weed party in Scappoose.

In less than a week, Oregon's medical marijuana dispensaries will be allowed to sell weed to all adults.

They're ready.

Nearly 200 dispensaries have sent state officials a form declaring their intent to sell recreational marijuana starting Thursday, Oct. 1.

That's half the medical-pot dispensaries in Oregon—and the state only provided the form last Tuesday, Sept. 22.

"In the first three hours, 120 dispensaries signed up," says Oregon Health Authority spokesman Jonathan Modie. "Two days ago, we were over 175. I wouldn't be surprised if we were over the 200 mark."

Modie says OHA will release the list of approved dispensaries early next week.

Meanwhile, six Oregon cities that allow medical marijuana have specifically barred Oct. 1 sales of recreational weed: Gresham, La Grande, Reedsport, Scappoose, Sherwood and Tangent.

Here's a helpful list of which Oregon cities and counties have outlawed dispensaries, barred early sales or sent such kiboshes to the ballot.