Late October looks like a nightmare on Klickitat Street for Portland renters.

In the past year, rents have spiked across the city, falling disproportionately on the poorest tenants. (In this week's cover story, artist Carye Bye explains she can "no longer afford to live here.")

The Portland City Council on Oct. 14 passed a requirement that landlords give tenants 90-day notice of no-fault evictions or rent hikes of more than 5 percent.

But those protections don't take effect until Nov. 14. That could create an incentive to hike rents and kick out tenants over the next 24 days.

So WW is asking you to watchdog Portland's landlords.

If you know about an excessive rent hike or sketchy eviction, contact our Rent Hike Tip Line at 445-1542, or send an email to

If you rent something, say something!