The city of Portland may start collecting 40 to 50 cents for every ride provided by Uber, Lyft and taxi cabs.

City Commissioner Steve Novick suggested the fee in proposed rules released today. The City Council is expected to vote on those rules in November.

The new fare surcharges would be used to pay for the companies' operating permits—a change from permit fees based on a company's type or size. The fees would continue to be used to cover the permitting program's operating costs.

The new rules say that the exact amount of the surcharge would be set annually by the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

A coalition of taxi companies, the Transportation Fairness Alliance, is lambasting the plan—comparing it to the much-hated street fee.

"Like the proposed street fee, the Novick proposal would pass all public agency costs directly onto the public," writes spokeswoman Kelliann Amico. "The proposal contains no limit on these new taxes, increases costs, and decreases government efficiency."

Uber managers did not immediately respond to WW's request for comment.