Yesterday, we exulted in fresh snow falling from the sky. But by last night, the snow had mixed with freezing rain and turned the whole city into one sheet of ice. This morning, schools are closed and traffic reports are dire–on OPB, the announcer just kept saying, "Things are terrible out there."

And you might as well spike your coffee with whiskey and get cozy on that couch, because things probably aren't getting much better today.

This morning Gerald Macke, a meteorological technician with the National Weather Service in Portland, said that they are in the process of extending the current Winter Weather Advisory, which had been in place until 10 am, to noon.

"The temperature right now is right at freezing," he told me over the phone. "It's going to ever so slowly climb up. We expect to be above freezing between noon and 7 pm, but just barely above freezing."

He added: "Most of the ice is going to stick around."

Iced coffee outside Lincoln High School, which is closed Monday, Jan. 4. (WW staff)
Iced coffee outside Lincoln High School, which is closed Monday, Jan. 4. (WW staff)

And don't think things are getting better after 7 pm either, because that's when the temperature will drop back down to freezing and a "weak little front" will drop some more precipitation.

It won't be much but, according to Macke, it will probably "make things slick again tomorrow morning till noon."

So if you can avoid it, stay off the roads this morning, this afternoon, tonight and probably tomorrow morning too, because as Macke told me near the end of our conversation: "Overnight and tomorrow morning could get a little bit dicey. It'll refreeze again tonight."

I recommend binge-watching Teen Mom 2 and eating all the cheese in your fridge. For your safety. Obviously.