Portland Organizer Founds "Trump Has Tiny Hands PAC"

“All journalists who have the opportunity need to ask Donald Trump about his tiny baby hands."

A Portland political organizer is drawing national attention for founding a political action committee mocking the size of Donald Trump's hands.

Henry Kraemer formally registered the "Trump Has Tiny Hands PAC" with the Federal Election Commission yesterday.

The PAC has drawn national attention, including a write-up on Time magazine's website. Beltway news site The Hill described Kraemer as a "mystery man."

He's actually a well-known figure among Portland's progressive organizers. Kraemer was the campaign manager for Rep. Jefferson Smith's 2012 mayoral run, and now works for the Bus Federation, the national offshoot of Oregon voter-registration machine the Bus Project.

Kraemer says he started the PAC after seeing Trump lie about the size of his hands.

Those appendages have been an area of some scrutiny since Spy magazine described him as a "short-fingered vulgarian" in the 1990s. They became the center of a Republican presidential debate last week after Marco Rubio mocked them and made veiled remarks about the size of Trump's penis.

"During this debate, he rose his tiny baby hands above his head and said they were normal sized," Kraemer said. "I think this issue raises a lot of questions. He lied about his hands, so what else is he lying about?"

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Kraemer said that he is bothered most by the fact that Trump attacked President Obama about his birth certificate—even after Obama furnished his birth records. On the other hand, Trump is under fire for his small hands but he won't release the measurement of them, Kraemer said.

The committee's website solely consists of a link to sign a petition, "Donald Trump, release official measurements of your hands!"

The committee has accumulated nearly 2,000 followers on social media. "People all over the country love us," Kraemer said. He said he hopes to eventually have advertisements on television to further permeate the media. All efforts are being made to inform the public about "the biggest lie to the American people," Kraemer said.

"All journalists who have the opportunity need to ask Donald Trump about his tiny baby hands," Kraemer said, "He has an obligation to come clean."

Kraemer said he is currently an undecided voter, though his Twitter posts suggest he's leaning toward Hillary Clinton.