Serbian officials say two AGM-114 Hellfire missiles with explosive warheads were found on a passenger flight headed from Beirut to Belgrade—and the two weapons were in a cargo package marked for Portland.

N1 television, the Serbian cable news network, first reported the discovery by a bomb-sniffing dog at the Belgrade airport last night.

Associated Press reports say that "documents listed the final destination for the AGM-114 Hellfire missiles as Portland, Oregon."

The Hellfire is an air-to-surface missile, first developed in the 1970s and now mostly used in precision drone strikes. It's among the most commonly used missiles by the U.S. military.

UPDATE, 2 pm Monday, March 14: The Lebanese army says the two missiles were not live, and were being shipped back to manufacturer Lockheed-Martin following training exercises.

Serbian investigators tell the Associated Press they are skeptical of that explanation.

UPDATE, 3:30 pm Monday: The missiles were actually headed to the other Portland—the one in Maine.