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Bill Clinton Is Coming to Portland This Week

The maybe future first gentleman will hold a public event on May 5.

President Bill Clinton is coming to Portland to drum up support for his former first lady and future possible commander-in-chief, Hillary Clinton this week.

"On Thursday, May 5, President Bill Clinton will campaign for Hillary Clinton in Bend and Portland ahead of the Oregon Democratic presidential primary on May 17," says an email from the Hillary for America campaign.

"At public events, President Clinton will discuss Hillary Clinton's plans to raise incomes and break down the barriers that are holding Oregon families back."

Unfortunately, no further details have been released, such as where Bill will meet his public and if he will or will not mention his relationship with one famous former Portlander, Monica Lewinsky, Lewis and Clark College, Class of 1995 (Go Pios!) (#IStandWithMonica).

There is no Blazers game on May 5 and it's supposed to rain, so everyone's schedule is pretty open. Will you line up to see Bill?