Remembering Katherine Dunn

I was a good friend of Kay's right after her graduation from Reed College ["Our Beloved Geek," WW, May 18, 2016]. I also knew Paul Pomerantz at that time.

Between the two of them, there was more intelligence than could ever be measured. Kay died on my birthday. Not a pleasant gift.

—Scotty Richardson

For the record, I was just the publicist for that benefit reading in 1992 featuring Dunn [who canceled], Jean Auel and Ken Kesey. The late Joel Weinstein was one of the ringleaders.

I would've given anything to see KK Dunn breathe fire.

—Angie Jabine

What an interesting journey of a life. I have never read Geek Love, but it seems fantastic. I will have to check it out.


The Sheriff's New Car

The sheriff needs a car that's less than a year old in order to make appearances in various parades around town ["The Sheriff Rides Again," WW, May 18, 2016].

Next time you're viewing a parade and you spot a clown, wave to Sheriff Dan Staton. He'll have his head poking out the sunroof. And he'll be gunning his big V8. Which compensates for the two-stroke that usually resides in his "garage."


Give me a break. Staton is the sheriff of the biggest county in Oregon, population-wise, where more than 100 people a day go to jail. I think the sheriff should have a cut above the standard patrol car, and this agency has more than 500 sworn officers.

Take a look at all of the money wasted by the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners (millions of dollars spent on studies related to I-5 bridges that are federal and state projects, not county).


Sale of Foster Home

This is an example of what so infuriates and frustrates me about the absolute incompetence of our government ["Give Us This House," WW, May 18, 2016].

Multnomah County allowed a private party (Wilde Properties) to make a profit of $330,000 in eight days, and no one seems to be concerned. No one is accountable?


Defending Pugs and Their Owners

This article is ridiculous ["Pretty Hurts," WW, May 18, 2016]. The same criticisms could be leveled at any number of dog breeds.

Which is completely irrelevant to the individual dog owners, many of whom adopt rescue dogs, and their participation in an event that benefits the Oregon Humane Society.

Your negative publicity hurts the very people who do what they can to clean up after irresponsible breeders.


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