A Klamath County man whose 114 cats were seized last summer in one of the largest animal rescues in Oregon history now believes many of those cats are in Portland. And he's suing to get them back.

John H. Todd filed a lawsuit in Multnomah County Circuit Court today demanding the return of 94 of the 114 cats he says animal control officers unlawfully took from his home in the town of Chiloquin last July. He believes those 94 cats were sent to the Oregon Humane Society in Portland, and adopted by people in Multnomah County.

Todd made headlines last year when Klamath County Animal Control took 114 cats from his home, which officials described as reeking of cat urine and vomit.

Todd tells WW he's not sure how many cats he had at the time, but according to documents given to him after the seizure of the cats, 94 made their way to the Oregon Humane Society, where they were put up for adoption.

"I have no issues with the people that adopted them," Todd says. "I just want to know where my personal property is, which is my cats."

Todd disputes the claim that the cats were poorly kept, saying that Klamath County officials seized nearly 30 pounds of cat food and other pet supplies, proving he was capable of caring for the animals.

"When I lived in California, I had a bunch of them for like seven years before I moved up here," Todd says. "And they were all outdoor cats, never had any trouble. When I moved up here, the cats wouldn't stay outside because of coyotes, owls, bobcats and everything."

Oregon Humane Society officials could not immediately be reached for comment. Klamath County officials involved in the animal rescue declined to comment.