Fourth of July revealed a slew of seemingly unrelated robberies in Portland that became increasingly bizarre throughout the night. From a 24-hour donut shop's tip jar to merchandise at an adult video store, this is the stuff Portland stereotypes are built on.

It all started at the Plaid Pantry on Southeast 21st and Powell yesterday morning, when police responded to a report of an armed robbery at 11:11 am.

The robbery did not appear to be lucrative. Police arrested 19-year-old suspect Alex Mwenbatu after they say he stole some gum, and brandished what turned out to be a replica firearm as the store employee called 911.

The next hit was the Swan Mart on Southwest Barbur Boulevard. Police responded to the report at 5:05 pm. A store employee told police the suspect was armed with a handgun and got away with an undisclosed amount of cash.

At 3:51 am, officers responded to a report of armed robbers at the Heavenly Donuts on North Lombard Street. They say the suspect came into the shop, demanded money and implied he had a gun. He then stole the tip jar, which contained only a few dollars, and left.

For the grand finale, police responded to a report of an armed robbery at Fantasy For Adults Only on Southwest Coronado Street near Tigard at 5:14am. They say a man entered the store, armed with a handgun, and demanded money. On his way out, he grabbed some merchandise.

Fantasy For Adults Only declined to comment on the specific merchandise stolen.