Footage Shows Counter-Protester Pulling Gun on Portland's Black Lives Matter March

Portland Police officers arrested Michael Strickland, 36, who films videos for the website "Laughing at Liberals."

Footage obtained by WW shows a counter-protester pulling a gun on a Don't Shoot PDX march in downtown Portland earlier tonight.

The footage, taken by freelance journalist Mike Bivins, shows the man in Southwest Third Street, in front of the Justice Center. He pulls the weapon from a belt holster while walking backwards away from protesters.

"These fucking kids!" he yells. "Get the hell back!"

Bivins posted the footage online using the Periscope app. It can be watched in full here.

Portland Police officers arrested Michael Strickland, 36, about five minutes after he pulled the weapon. Police booked him into the Multnomah County Jail on charges of menacing and disorderly conduct in the second degree.

UPDATE, 9:31 am: A second video, taken by a longtime Portland activist called Mike Bluehair, shows another angle of Strickland pulling the gun while about 20 feet from marchers.

Bivins' video shows that after Strickland pulled the gun, he was surrounded by about two dozen protesters, some confronting him and others trying to calm him down, until Jessie Sponberg, a Portland activist and recent mayoral candidate, shepherded Strickland away from the crowd.

The news website Raw Story reports that Strickland was a familiar presence at Portland protests—including a recent rally in support of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. He posted videos to the YouTube channel "Laughing at Liberals."

Strickland's pulling of a weapon occurred early in a march organized by Don't Shoot PDX and allied with the national Black Lives Matter movement. The march was held to protest the police killings of two black men this week, Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota.

The events in Portland occurred amidst protests nationwide—and a horrifying scene in Dallas, Tex., where a sniper killed five police officers and injured six others in a shooting rampage.

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