Through some apparent rift on the internet, Portland has been granted a strange and fantastic insight into the mind of Portland's future mayor. Twitter account Ted Wheeler Googling (@WheelerGoogling) appears to be a live feed into what Mayor-elect Ted Wheeler is asking his Google glasses to search for.

Is it a bot? A disgruntled staffer? We haven't the foggiest. We're just enjoying. The holder of the account has not responded to any of our requests for identification.

But still, we've received wonderful insight into the mind of Ted Wheeler.

Sometimes he seems terrifically out of touch: "is 82nd avenue technically in gresham," he asks wistfully.

Sometimes he appears to be the nerd he ran his campaign as, curious "what are approved swear words for mayoral swearing in."

And sometimes his thoughts are just random: "burgerville milkshake recipe change."

But other times, he seems to know we're watching. The day after WW revealed that staff at The Oregonian had suffered food poisoning after holding a morale-boosting cake party, Ted Wheeler Googling had only one burning question.

"Is willamette week a parody of the oregonian?" Wheeler tweeted. No one answered.