Two Brothers Were Looking for Pokémon in a Suburban Portland Field. They Found a Loaded Gun Instead.

Maybe Team Rocket left it behind.

Two brothers were hot on the trail of Pokémon Go, when they found a loaded handgun lying in a field in Hazel Dell, Washington, police say.

Unfortunately, that's when they had to stop playing Pokémon Go to call 911. Deputies arrived and recovered the weapon, a rusty Smith and Wesson Model 16-4 .32 Magnum.

"It might've led to a tragic incident, if it weren't for the Pokémon searchers," says Deputy Brian Wade.

The popular game has been criticized for making it easy for thieves to prey on people. In Missouri, a group of four teenagers—a real life Team Rocket—lured a Pokémon Go player into a secluded area by putting a Pokestop there, and then robbed him.

The game has also assisted police, making Pokémon Go players into amateur sleuths. In Wyoming, a 19-year-old woman found a dead body in a river while playing the game.

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