Crackdown on Nightclubs

The city of Portland has used several methods to stop venues over the past three years, including stings and the Fire Marshal's Office ["Hot in Here," WW, July 6, 2016].

It's become obvious that city planners have envisioned a different plan for Portland, especially in certain areas of the city.

Their tactics are quite obvious. I have worked at Portland bars for the past 10 years and have seen it coming.

—John Walterich

There's no doubt the city should be following the rules—you get better compliance if you collaborate with owners and club managers. However, critics should keep in mind they would be singing a completely different tune if we had a nightclub fire and 100 deaths.

Spending $60,000 to $100,000 for safety improvements per club would seem pretty inexpensive after the fact.


This is an example of the city exceeding its authority through creeping use of regulations. It's another way to suck money from the little people. It sounds like city business to me.

—Drew McAuliffe

I am skeptical that, were this situation to result in a lawsuit, it would be successful for club owners. Sprinkler systems improve buildings and add value to businesses.

The upgrades are an advantage to the public. I do not see any argument for pursuing damages from the city of Portland for implementing the policy.

—"Commenter 48220"

Transient Boater Fires at Drone

Great. Transplants now come here, violate our environmental laws, and then endanger others by firing a BB gun to protect their napping rights ["Boat vs. Drone," WW, July 6, 2016]. Guess what? You don't own the river.

You have no privacy rights when you squat. I hope the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office investigates and takes the gun away. Go Drone Man!


I support the boater. He is getting lumped in unfairly with the dialogue on our homeless issue. His situation and actual homelessness are much different, and it's unfortunate people are focusing on that.


PPS Board Member Complains To Feds

Paul Anthony is sitting in the wrong seat ["Equal Time," WW, July 6, 2016]. I want Portland School Board members to engage with problems and lead the way to better outcomes, not try to burn the building down the moment they don't get their way.

—BJ Cefola

Anthony is exactly what the School Board needed. He is unparalleled in his ethics and commitment, and clearly he is unafraid of politics.

—Dana Bee Kelley

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