Jeff Cogen's New Job

Incestuous Portland. Jeff Cogen and Dan Saltzman create the Portland Children's Levy, then assign Mrs. Cogen to run it ["Don't Call It a Comeback," WW, July 13, 2016]. The fund writes checks to Impact NW.

When Cogen is exposed as a pothead and adulterer on taxpayer time, his biggest defender is the director of Impact NW, which is heavily funded by Cogen's wife.

Now, disgraced and forced out of his county job, Cogen becomes director of Impact NW, which is mostly funded by his wife's job. Cogen and his wife together make close to $300,000 a year, not including generous benefits, at mostly taxpayer expense.

Sad and stupid Portland.


Cogen was a poor choice for this position because it creates a conflict of interest. Is there really nobody else out there in the job market who can competently run this nonprofit?


Hales' Texts on Homeless

Charlie Hales is worried about his integrity?! ["Charlie Hales' Texts Show the Mayor Embracing a Big Idea for Sheltering the Homeless—Until He Got Really Mad," WW, July 13, 2016.] Sorry, Charlie—you have been caught lying to the public for a while now, so in my opinion you shot your integrity down the hole a long time ago.

—"Commenter 48711"

Hales blatantly shot down mass sleeping in front of City Hall and elsewhere yet legalized mass camping. Now he's talking about inviting homeless people into City Hall.

The Portland Business Alliance's original interest in clearing downtown streets is the only interest I can fathom being served in all of this.

—"Wayne Wayne"

Invasion of Bike Racks

As these bike racks pop up, we are finding out that, contrary to what the Portland transportation office claims, people were not asked about siting or notified that it was going to happen ["Portland's Transportation Chief Rides Confidently Into the Bike-Share Era," WW, July 16, 2016].

—"Commenter 35648"

Pagan Picnic Piece

After decades of supporting your organization and considering you the go-to news source in Portland, I am officially done. While I have become used to the mediocre articles that have become the norm, "What You Should Bring to This Weekend's Pagan Potluck" [, July 13, 2016] was the last straw for me.

It was one of the worst pieces of "news" I have ever read—you and the author should be ashamed! It was offensive and showed a lack of understanding and respect for anyone who follows the path.

—Ernest Ryan


A story in last week's paper, "Best Vocal Support" in our Best of Portland feature, incorrectly identified Mary McDonald-Lewis' father. While James Ford Lewis was a minister at First Unitarian Church of Portland, he was not the city's first Unitarian minister. WW regrets the error.

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