Norm Frink, former Multnomah County chief deputy district attorney, is a Republican—staunch enough to be an alternate delegate to the party convention.

But he loathes GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

How much? He wore a T-shirt reading "Never Trump" for all four days on the convention floor last week in Cleveland.

(Check out Frink's convention diary, coming soon to this site.)

WW: Did you wear that shirt all week?

Norm Frink: Well, I had more than one.

What was the response?

The majority of Trump people, there was no response. I had a lot of people, who weren't Trump people, who would give me a thumbs-up or say, "That's great," but I'd notice they weren't wearing anything that was associated with #NeverTrump.

What did you make of Trump's speech?

Some of its criticisms of Clinton had some justification, but it took problems, some of which are real, and exaggerated them. For example, in my little area of criminal justice: This picture that was painted that the system is completely broken, compared to the way the criminal justice system was 20 years ago, was just not accurate. Like a lot of Trump's stuff, it plays on notions that have a kernel of truth in them, but goes way beyond reality.

So you're not going to vote for Trump?

Oh, absolutely not. Probably I would vote for the Libertarian ticket. I will vote.