When it comes to winning over Oregon's Democratic National Convention delegation, presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton may still have her work cut out for her.

Despite Clinton's efforts to woo supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders—and repeated endorsements by the Vermont senator—Oregon's delegation is still conflicted about the nominee.

At least 15 Oregon delegates walked out on Clinton's historic speech last night, protesting a party they said sabotaged their candidate and silenced their voices.

In an interview with an unidentified reporter after last night's walkout, Valdez Bravo, a delegate representing Oregon's 5th Congressional district, called for Hillary Clinton to apologize.

The interview was posted to twitter last night by Emily Atkin, who covers politics for Circa News. Watch the video here or read a partial transcript here.

Asked when Sanders supporters would be ready to move on and support Clinton, Bravo said he was not sure what the nominee would have to do to win his support.

"What do you want to see, exactly?" the reporter asked. "Because I did hear Hillary Clinton, she did give a shout-out to Bernie Sanders, she did thank him for the work he's done, she thanked a lot of the things you guys have been pushing."

"I don't know exactly what she could have said, but I think I would have felt it," Bravo said.

"Is there anything she could have said?" the reporter said. "I'm trying to figure that out."

Finally, Bravo said, "She could have said 'I'm sorry.'"

"Even though she wasn't personally involved with the DNC business, you want her to apologize for it?" the reporter asked.

"That would have been nice," Bravo said.

Bravo tells WW that an apology would help bring the Democratic Party together.

"We do need to have unity in the Democratic Party to defeat Donald Trump," Bravo tells WW. "I think an apology would go a long way towards healing that divide."

Bravo says he's not looking for anything complicated.

"Just an acknowledgment that, 'I know that there was unethical behavior happening at the DNC, and there was collusion with my campaign,'" Valdez tells WW. "It would mean a lot."