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Donald Trump Dumps Portland, Cancelling His Aug. 31 Fundraiser and Rally

His campaign tells OPB it's a scheduling conflict.

First, Donald J. Trump lost his Portland donors. Now he's cancelling his Portland fundraiser.

Trump's campaign director tells Oregon Public Broadcasting that he is cancelling his Aug. 31 visit to Portland—where the Republican presidential nominee had planned to hold a private fundraiser and public rally.

Jacob Daniels, Trump's Oregon campaign director, told OPB that Trump cancelled the event because he wants to tour the flooding in Louisiana. But the candidate's Aug. 30 fundraiser in Seattle is still on—and its organizer, former Washington state Sen. Don Benton, sent out a new invitation this morning.

WW reported two weeks ago that the hosts of that Seattle event included three prominent Portland businessmen: Gordon Sondland, Peter Stott, and Bashir Wali.

When their names became public, all three Portlanders disavowed Trump—and the Pacific Northwest's biggest Mitt Romney fundraiser, David Nierenberg, endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The Trump campaign last week hinted it was abandoning plans to rally in Portland, saying it was also considering locations in Southern and Eastern Oregon.