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Spurned by Donald Trump, Oregon Remains Obsessed by His Possibly Short Fingers

Is this why he cancelled his Aug. 31 visit to Portland?

Donald J. Trump isn't coming to Oregon. His campaign says that's because he'd rather visit Louisiana. Others suspect it's because he can't find any donors to host a Portland fundraiser.

But maybe it's because Oregon is asking too many questions about the size of Trump's hands.

According to metrics produced by Estately, Oregon googles "Trump tiny hands" at a rate far higher than any other state.

"First, we carefully choose a variety of terms and topics representing Trump business ventures, his various supports, his many false statements and invented nicknames, the Trump-related questions people frequently search, and many more," the website says.

Once the searchable terms were picked, Estately ran them all through Google Trends to figure out which states searched the different terms and topics compared to other states.

The large results for "tiny hands" is likely a result of two Oregonians forming a political action committee to mock Trump's finger size.

Five months ago, Noah Heller and Henry Kraemer, founded a committee called "Trump Has Tiny Hands PAC." The Federal Elections Commission later demanded a name change, and the organizers chose "Americans Against Billionaires with Tiny Hands."

In July, Heller told WW that he chose to investigate Trump's hands because the candidate had been crassly defending them since a spat with Spy magazine in the 1990s.

“He’s been concerned about this for decades,” said Heller, the PAC’s senior vice president of hand truth. “Because I think he knows he can’t be president with these tiny baby hands. Otherwise, why would he talk about this for 30 years?”

Sadly, Oregonians won't get a closer look. We'll just have to settle for watching this attack ad again.