The Oregon House Democrats will host a fundraiser next week. That's not surprising—it's campaign season.

The location, however, is unusual.

Hifi Farms, a "Clean Green Certified craft cannabis cultivation company," is offering an exclusive tour of the farm in Hillsboro on Sep. 29, offering guests an insight into Oregon's cannabis industry.

After a tour of the "half million dollar build-out" guests will "enjoy refreshments and conversation at Hifi's beautiful farmhouse."

FuturePAC, the campaign arm of the Oregon House Democrats, will host the event.

"It's an opportunity for individuals to see how a new and legal industry is taking shape in the state," FuturePAC spokesman Aaron Fiedler, said in a statement. "We have not gotten any pushback or heard any concerns about the fundraiser."

After the statewide legalization of recreational marijuana use in November 2014, cannabis cultivation has soared and farms have been popping up around the state. Last year, the Democrat-controlled Legislature tweaked the rules for recreational weed, revving up one of the state's fastest growing industries.

Hifi Farms' website says the farm's owners purchased it the end of last year by four friends who, "combined their passions for music, sustainability and organics, and set about designing a conscious cultivation model that produces high quality, clean cannabis while lessening its impact on the environment."

Tickets to the event, which will benefit FuturePAC, are priced at $500, and sponsorship levels range from $1,000 to $10,000.