Edibles and Concentrates Already Make up a Quarter of Oregon's Cannabis Sales

According to a new report, the sudden drop in flower's share of the market sets Oregon apart from Colorado and Washington.

Oregonians really, really love cannabis edibles and concentrates, a new report by a industry research company shows.

Edibles and concentrates in June became legal to sell to recreational customers in Oregon. They grabbed almost a quarter of Oregon's recreational cannabis market in the first month, according to the report by BDS Analytics.

In June, only 62 percent of Oregon's $24.9 million marijuana sales were of flower—down 23 percentage points from the previous month. Meanwhile, edibles made up 6.4 percent of sales, and concentrates made up a whopping 17.3 percent.

According to the report, Oregon stands out because of the sudden drop in flower's share of sales.

"Over Washington's two years of legal adult-use sales, flower's share declined from 87 percent to 61 percent," the report reads. "Oregon's flower dropped immediately to a level that Washington and Colorado took more than a year-and-a-half of steadily increasing concentrates and edibles to reach."

Prefilled cartridges took up the largest portion of the concentrates' sales, while candy surpassed chocolates and infused foods as the biggest share in the edibles market.

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