Have you lost that Berning feeling? Well, it'll be back in Portland really soon.

(But word to the @BernieBros: He's still not the nominee.)

Bernie Sanders is coming back to Portland on December 1 to hang out at Powell's.

(Tickets sold out immediately, sorry, but maybe you'll be lucky enough to find a scalped secondhand Bern on Craigslist.)

He won't be reading or speaking, but those lucky enough to procure a ticket will get to take a photo with Bernie—with the purchase of his new book "Our Revolution" for $27.

Sanders will not be reading from the book, nor will he be signing anything, including butts. If you want to hang out around Powell's, the event is scheduled for 12-2 pm on Thursday, December 1 and will be closed off to anyone without a ticket.

Apparently this is how celebrity book appearances work now; the same thing went down with Bruce Springsteen.

There's no word yet on whether or not Powell's will leave a window open so a house finch can fly in and magically land on his shoulder.