Wood cookies are an Outdoor School tradition, whether you're an Oregon elementary school student or a kid somewhere else in the United States. (Thank you, Maryland public schools.)

The little slices of wood are used as name tags that counselors and elementary school students make and wear on their school-sponsored outdoor adventures.

So the campaign for Measure 99, which would take Oregon Lottery dollars and dedicate them to Outdoor School for all Oregon schoolchildren, was surprised and delighted to discover Wednesday that someone had decorated downtown Portland sculptures with their own wood cookies. Even the pioneer family depicted in The Promised Land sculpture in Chapman Square got in on the action.

Paige Richardson, a spokeswoman for Yes on 99, says the campaign had nothing to do with the—what do you call it?—craft project. (Wood-cookie bombing just doesn't have the same ring as yarn bombing.)

"I have 100 percent no knowledge of it," she says.

But supporter Brian McShartzen gathered the pictures and sent them Wednesday to the campaign, which got a kick out of the anonymous supporter's creativity.

"It's clever," she says, "and very Oregonian." img_9018img_8943wood cookiesimg_8958