Debating Measures 97 and 98

Clearly the consultant Paul Mandabach is doing a good job of "spreading doubt." ["The California Killer," WW, Oct. 26, 2016.] I'm glad there are so many Oregonians who think it's more important to protect corporate profits than to improve our schools and services.

There will never be a "perfect" ballot measure that raises revenue. If Measure 97 fails, its critics will use the same message every time: "Oh, no, this tax isn't perfect. Let's reject it and wait for the right one."

And then business can laugh all the way to the bank while we continue to lack the funds to earthquake-ready our schools and fix lead pipes.

—"Spooky Forest"

I am voting a resounding no on Measure 97. The Oregon Legislative Revenue Office report found that Measure 97 will act largely as a consumption tax. It will just tax Oregonians more to fund greedy, dysfunctional public education and big government. It will fund the insolvent Public Employees Retirement System.

It is way past time for the Big Government contingent in Oregon to be restrained back to reality. They will never do the right thing unless forced to do the right thing.

—"Oregon Grown"

I'm voting yes on Measure 98 to decrease teachers' unions' power and improve education.

Then Oregon can maybe start to deal with its public employee union-caused budget disasters in a more straightforward way.


Voting no on Measure 97 and yes on Measure 98 is the most idiotic vote I can think of. Voting no to revenue, but yes to a mandated school program that comes with no revenue? Measure 98 is robbing Peter to pay Paul. If it passes, it will harm already struggling schools.

If you want 98 to succeed, it has a chance if 97 also passes. Wake up.


The Mayor's Bodyguard

One of Portland Mayor Charlie Hales' bodyguards is a retired Los Angeles County police officer who in 2010 reportedly admitted "using excessive force at least 10 times."

Where. To even. Begin!?

—Vladamir Muhammad

This may not reflect the experience of others, but I've been arrested at City Hall at least three times in the last two years in the course of political protests. I have always been treated by Michael Cohen in a courteous and professional way.

—Michael Meo


WW's Restaurant Guide misnamed the new downtown restaurant being opened by former Imperial chef Doug Adams. The restaurant, expected to open in fall 2017, is called Bullard.

Also in Restaurant Guide, outdated and incorrect information was reported for Farm Spirit. The restaurant has 10- and 15-course dinners, and offers a wine pairing for $38 and a reserve wine pairing for $65. WW regrets the errors.

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