On the Sixth Day of Portland's Anti-Trump Protests, Elected Officials Join In

After Portland's combative protests, 300 kids and their families marched to Pioneer Courthouse Square this afternoon.

Six consecutive nights of Portland protests against the presidency of Donald J. Trump have drawn thousands of outraged citizens, anarchists with baseball bats, a call by state Republicans to deploy the National Guard, a chiding from the Oregonian Editorial Board, and a shout-out from Dave Chappelle on Saturday Night Live.

Tonight, they added a newly elected city official.

City Commissioner-elect Chloe Eudaly marched in a family protest this afternoon and joined a candlelight vigil this evening, pledging to be a conduit between anti-Trump demonstrators and Portland City Hall.

Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury also joined the family march, where children carried white balloons along the Park Blocks.

"We are little," chanted the protesters. "We are loud."

The family march and tonight's vigil—which has so far been mostly unbroken by clashes with police—stand in contrast to the past three nights, which included a rash of vandalism and repeated face-offs with riots squads, who deployed compression grenades and tear gas.

Portland police deploying tear gas on Saturday, Nov. 12. Video by Aaron Mesh.

After anarchists destroyed property on Thursday night and a protester was shot early Saturday morning, Portland Mayor Charlie Hales and Police Chief Mike Marshman urged protesters to stay home.

Portland Police arrested 71 people last night, prompting Oregon Republican Party Chair Bill Currier to call for the deployment of the U.S. National Guard.

Yet today's marches have largely been without incident—though demonstrators were startled by a blast of fireworks over the Oregon Convention Center. Police still haven't said who was responsible for the fireworks.

Photos by William Gagan.

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