Portland Woman Quits Job After She Says a Trump Piñata Was Lynched At a Holiday Party

“Standing in that crowd was one of the most terrifying moments of my life,” she writes.

A Portland woman quit her job after attending a company holiday party where she says employees lynched a Trump piñata.

A woman named Sarah quit after a holiday party for Roscoe's, Stein Haus, and Miyamoto Sushi, three Montavilla spots with overlapping ownership.

In an essay she sent to WW, she explains that the party was a "usual holiday party" where it was "kind of awkward to see everyone outside of work," until employees began lynching and striking an effigy of Donald Trump.

She writes:

We spoke to Roscoe's owner Jeremy Lewis, who says the piñata was bought by an employee and that it was not a noose but just a rope holding it up.

"I understand it had an effect on her and I don't want to diminish that, but at the same time, it was a piñata, and you hit it," Lewis tells WW. "People had been drinking. I can't attest to what everyone was saying, but I didn't hear anyone say anything about lynching and the vibe was certainly not pro-lynching."

Her video does show one man yelling, "lynch him" and another saying "hit him in the pussy."

Sarah was at the party with her bi-racial boyfriend, which she says gave her a different perspective.

She writes:

Lewis also disputes Sarah's statement about it being her "white co-workers" who were attacking the piñata. "We have a very diverse group of people there," he says.

Sarah says she left the party soon after the incident began and did not see what was inside the piñata. (Lewis tells us it was chocolate and chocolate alcohol bottles.)

She then texted her boss her notice of resignation, saying she'll work for two more weeks, unless she's able to find another job sooner.

"I don't want to diminish how she feels," Lewis said. "We gave her time to cool down, but it looks like the resignation is going to stay."

Sarah went on to write that she is not a Trump supporter—nor a supporter of Hillary Clinton, or of Bernie Sanders.

Full disclosure: At Willamette Week’s Cinco De Mayo party we smashed a Trump effigy while drinking margaritas and broadcast the entire thing on Facebook live. Video below.

Trump smashing Cinco de Mayo

Posted by Willamette Week on Thursday, May 5, 2016

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