Are You Under 37 Years Old? This Is the Snowiest Portland Day in Your Lifetime

It seems to have settled down.

Portland has seen record snowfall in the last 24 hours.

As of 10 am, Portland had 7.9 inches of snowfall in Parkrose since 5:30 pm yesterday, according to the National Weather Service. Downtown had 11.8 inches of snow.

This amount of snow broke records. The last day Portland saw this much snow was Dec. 20, 2008, when the city saw 7 inches in a single day, and 12.9″ total for Dec. 19-22.

2008 broke the 1996 record, where Portland had 6.6 inches of snow.

But this year could be breaking an even bigger record.

The Weather Service hasn't yet announced the official total inch count, but according to KGW meteorologists, it could be the most snowfall since 1980. That record will be set if we officially hit more than 10 inches.

That means if you're under 37 years old—or moved here after 1980—this is likely the most snowfall you've ever seen in Portland.

After 5:30 pm Tuesday, the city effectively shut down, with hundreds of closures for school districts, county courts, city offices and businesses. This morning, the Oregon Department of Transportation announced that chains or traction tires were required on all vehicles in the Portland area.

If it seems like the storm came out of nowhere, that's because it sort of did. Even the Weather Service said they "under forecast" this event, and that the storm "wayyy over-performed."

As of 11:50 am, all winter warnings and advisories have been dropped, but we should still expect to see light snow showers that should accumulate less than an inch, according to the Weather Service.

The mayor's office would like to remind people to stay safe through the rest of the week.

"The temperatures will not reach above freezing until the weekend. The roads will be icy. Avoid travel. Be smart… be safe," says spokesman Michael Cox.

Here’s a bunch of photos of the storm.

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