Climate-Change Activist

Thanks for the most interesting article regarding Ken Ward and his actions to fight the injustice being done to the world's climate through fossil fuel use ["Ken Ward Is More Radical Than You," WW, Jan. 18, 2017]. He'll be in my thoughts and prayers as his case works through the legal system.

For a lot of us, actions such as Ward's aren't attractive for a host of reasons. But there are lots of ways we can all work toward a livable planet. Groups like Citizens' Climate Lobby (and many others) provide a way forward with their advocacy on behalf of a carbon tax, especially a carbon tax with the proceeds returned to the public.

Despite the recent election, there are many reasons to hope we are closer than ever to a meaningful global effort to reduce fossil fuel use and to turning the corner on climate change. I encourage your readers to get involved any way they can, for it will only be through actions that sensible solutions can be brought to bear on behalf of our dear green world.

—Scott Maxwell

I share Ken Ward's conviction that it's time to decisively move our economy away from fossil fuels, but I haven't given up hope that we can get our federal government to be part of the solution.

I've recently started volunteering with Citizens' Climate Lobby, a bipartisan grassroots group with chapters across the country working to get a carbon fee and dividend passed (and the driving force behind the growing Climate Solutions Caucus).

Many U.S. representatives are closer to action than you'd guess, and there are many ways to contribute to the fight for climate stability. Ward may be more radical than me, but I'm just as determined.

—Meadow Anderson
Southeast Portland

Baby Dies on Portland Streets

The system continues to fail the most vulnerable ["Tragedy at a Bus Stop," WW, Jan. 18, 2017]. How many more have to die before the broken system is fixed?

This is so sad, especially in a city that always has money for feel-good projects.



Two actors were misidentified in a photo caption and a review of the play db ["Pregaming Fertile Ground," WW, Jan. 18, 2017]. Alex Ramirez, who plays D.B. Cooper's niece, is pictured at the far left of the top photo on page 43. Dana Green, one of the actors who plays Cooper, is at the far right of the photo. WW regrets the errors.

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