These Five Photos Tell the Conflicted Story of Portland's Anti-Trump Protests

Inauguration marches displayed joy and power—but the camaraderie belied more complicated facts.

(Adam Kupka)

The pictures from a weekend of free speech deliver mixed messages.

As many as 100,000 people took to the streets Jan. 21 for the Women's March on Portland.

(Adam Kupka)

The sense of joy and power was palpable—and the turnout to rebut President Donald Trump was the sixth largest in the nation per capita, according to figures reported by Oregon Public Broadcasting.

The good feelings extended to Portland police officers, who posed with marchers while wearing pink knitted "pussyhats."

(Adam Kupka)

But that solidarity was belied by police actions the previous night.

(William Gagan)

On Jan. 20, officers deployed stun grenades and pepper gas on protesters at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

(Aubre Gigandet)

Another photo taken on Inauguration Night shows homeless people bedding down directly beneath the protests.

(Amy Woldrich)

It's a reminder that amid the urgent battles over government power and civil rights, deep need also calls for a response at home.

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