"You're Going to Hell," Belligerent Men Screamed at Portland Parishioners Outside of a Spanish Mass

They appear to be members of the group "Bible Believers," one of whom—aka "The Hipster Fred Phelps"—was knocked out Sunday night.

A member of the "Bible Believers" gestures at protesters inside Portland International Airport on Jan. 29, 2017. (Andrew Krogman)

A group of men stood outside the Spanish mass at St. Peter's Church in Southeast Portland on Sunday morning and screamed diatribes at parishioners.

Police were called to St. Peter Church (5905 SE 87th Avenue)at 11:46 a.m. regarding several people outside yelling offensive and racial slurs at the priest and parishioners.

Officers responded and determined there was no crime—all verbal, nothing physical.

The men, videotaped by churchgoers, appear to be part of a Portland-based group called "Bible Believers"—hard-right street preachers who appear at protests against President Donald Trump. One of them was knocked unconscious by protesters on Sunday night.

The "Bible Believers" appear to be the same group to have harassed and threatened churchgoers earlier in the day in the Southeast Portland neighborhood of Lents.

A parishioner posted videos to her Facebook yesterday morning, showing the men screaming things like, "You're going to Hell," and "Jesus Christ is going to come back and chuck every single one of you."

The men in the group are wearing the same outfits as the "Bible Believers" who appeared at Portland International Airport on Sunday afternoon.

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One of those men, identified by The Oregonian as Grant Chisholm, was assaulted by protesters and knocked unconscious. He was treated by medics and taken away in an ambulance.

Bible Believer treated by medics on Jan. 29. (Andrew Krogman)

Chisholm has a long history of provocations. In 2013, The Daily Beast wrote a profile of his street preaching against "homosex," dubbing him "The Hipster Fred Phelps."

Bible Believer taken away by medics. (Andrew Krogman)

WW sent a direct message to the woman who originally posted the videos on her Facebook page, as well as St. Peter's Church and the Archdiocese of Portland, but have not yet received a response.

UPDATE, 2: 15 pm: We reached out to Chisholm's business. They told us he was in the hospital last night and isn't feeling well today.

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