Had enough snow yet, Portland?

Of course not! You love snow!

Everyone loves snow! …unless they, uh, have business to conduct or places they need to be or want customers to come to their business.

Well, strap in because it looks like we might get more, starting around noon on Super Bowl Sunday.

"Sometime mid-day," says Laurel McCoy, meteorologist with the National Weather Service. "We're not going to pin down a certain time."

The snow you see is going to depend a lot on location. There's already snow in the Coast Range, Kelso, Longview. There's a mix of snow and rain in the upper areas of the West Hills.

"There's going to be a line somewhere southeast of Portland where we see three inches of snow, and then rain," says McCoy.

That might be near Mcminnville, which would then be spared .

The best guess is that Portland neighborhoods will get between one to five inches. In North Portland, it'll be closer to four. On the West side, maybe to six. There will be one to four inches downtown.

Get your provisions and settle in to cheer on the America Falcons.

The Monday after Super Bowl Sunday is already the most called-off day of the year. This year Portlanders might not even have to fake a cough!