Before we start celebrating the sunshine and bust out those shitty cutoff jean shorts, we might want to hold onto that rain shell.

Portland saw record rainfall yesterday, reaching 1.7 inches, the highest amount of rainfall Feb 16 has ever seen, which makes a total of 32.08 inches for the current hydrological year, beginning in October, according to the National Weather Service. (This includes the snow.)

"I wouldn't be surprised if we do surpass the yearly average, I mean it's looking pretty reasonable," says meteorologist David Bishop.

Normally the average rainfall for the entire hydrological year (measured October to October) has been approximately 38 inches.

At merely five months in, it would appear we are looking at a year of record rains, despite how over it we are.

Although many are anxious to go outside and play already, it's safe to say that cuffing season is still in full swing. Find the little spoon to your big and stay warm, Portland.

Hermits rejoice!