Computer Shop Owner "Kevin the Geek" Planning a Pro-Trump March in Lake Oswego

"We're showing our support for Trump, unlike you guys," he says. "You guys are morons."

Portlanders have been regularly protesting President Donald Trump since the inaguration—sometimes in massive marches, sometimes in small but fractious demonstrations.

Though Trump supporters have shown up to hurl abuse at these protests, there hasn't yet been a pro-Trump protest.

But now, Lake Oswego business owner Kevin Kerwin, who runs Kevin the Geek Computer Repair Shop, is organizing one.

Kerwin is planning a march for March 4, part of a nationwide movement called "March 4 Trump," a day when Trump supporters across the nation will march in support of President Trump.

The Lake Oswego rally led by Kerwin appears to be the only pro-Trump rally in Oregon, though there are five in Florida. According to the Facebook page, Oregon state representative Mike Nearman is also planning to speak at the rally.

Nearman did not respond to WW's requests for comment.

WW called Kerwin to ask about the march, to which he responded: "I don't talk to you people. You guys are anarchists."

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He did say, however, that he's looking forward to the march, "and so are a bunch of people."

When we told him that the event page showed about 80 people were attending, he said that he believed that number was likely higher, but he's had to keep re-making the page due to "anarchists" taking it down.

"We're showing our support for Trump, unlike you guys," he says. "You guys are morons."

Kerwin is most-known for placing signs in his store window that attack liberals, President Obama, CNN and even Bruce Springsteen.

His most recent sign read:

Kerwin has also been criticized in the past for several racist posts and inadequate computer repair service. One user wrote that after taking their computer to Kerwin's shop, "My computer only types in Russian."

Kerwin's pro-Trump march is scheduled for George Rogers Park in Lake Oswego, at 12 pm on March 4.