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Inbox: Letters About Ron Wyden, Shootings Involving Fake Guns and Portland Record Label on Hate-Group List

Wyden Keeps Heat on Trump

I find it interesting that Ron Wyden thinks he knows things the FBI has long since cleared Trump on, namely the president's supposed "Russian connection," which is patently ridiculous ["Tinker Tailor Senator Spy," WW, Feb. 22, 2017].

Where's the proof, Senator? Imagine that, you have none.

—"Tangled Up in Blue"

The U.S. intelligence agencies seem to think Russia sought to interfere with the election. There are valid questions here.

Wyden is doing a good job calling this B.S. out. Trump and his minions are not what America is about.


This is fake news. WW's cover featuring a picture of Putin implies there is some kind of Trump-Russia connection. There is none, and this article provides zero proof of any kind.

Wyden's work exposing the National Security Agency is great, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the mainstream media's narrative that Russia had a hand in beating Hillary Clinton in the election.

—"Clientalia Morevelili"

You can pretend Russia didn't try to influence the election, and you can try to ignore the fact state-run media there were running a "Love Trump" campaign, and you can set aside the repeated contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian officials…oh, wait. No you can't.

All you can do is misdirect in a desperate attempt to demonize anyone who dares question the Dear Leader.


Shootings Involving Fake Guns

It is not unreasonable to assume that a toy gun would be mistaken for the real thing, and that police would react to one just as they would to an actual firearm ["Toy Gun. Real Death," WW, Feb. 22, 2017].

Anyone with a brain knows that pointing a firearm (toy or not) at a police officer is a surefire way to get shot and killed, and in lots of legal trouble if you survive.

—"Al Ways Thinkin"

I have no concern for the people who die as a result of brandishing these items, and I have no desire to impose laws on the entire nation in an attempt to protect them.

This is yet another case of misidentifying the victim.

—"Oregon Jelly"

Record Label Lands on Hate-Group List

I admire the Southern Poverty Law Center for the work it's done, but if all you hold is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail ["An Unwanted Label," WW, Feb. 22, 2017].

Charles Powne has been an inspiration to me for 30 years; I owe a lot of my musical curiosity and willingness to test my ears with difficult music because of the Ooze and Soleilmoon Recordings. Not all of it is great, but you learn what you like and move on, better educated for having had the opportunity to hear everything.

—"deep concentration"

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