As congressional Republicans continue today an increasingly futile search for the votes they need to repeal the affordable Care Act, a new analysis of the American Health Care Act—the GOP replacement bill—finds that Oregon would suffer more than any other state under the terms of the Republican proposal.

Under former Gov. John Kitzhaber, Oregon was an early and aggressive adopter of the Affordable Care Act, taking advantage of expanded Medicaid coverage to add more than 400,000 people to the Oregon Health Plan, using federal dollars.

A March 23 report prepared Manatt Health looked at the potential impacts of the replacement bill Congress is now considering.

Here's the takeaway:

“The 32 states with Medicaid expansion are facing significant reductions in federal Medicaid funding,” the report says. “Many are unlikely to be able to replace the lost federal funds, and, as a result, will experience sharp drops in coverage and a rise in the uncompensated care burden faced by their providers.”

And no state would suffer more than Oregon. The report's authors calculate Oregon would lose $1.68 billion in federal Medicaid funding in 2020, nearly 22 percent of the total the state now receives.

On a percentage basis, that's far more than any other state will give up—the second worst affected, New York, would lose 15.3 percent of its current funding.