Nazis and Antifa Trade Shouts Across The Street in Springfield, Oregon

It was a low-key confrontation by contemporary standards.

Notorious Oregon Nazi Jimmy Marr, recently seen with bagpipes making trouble at the Lucky Lab Beer Hall in Northwest Portland and creeping out undergraduates at the University of Oregon, hosted a hate party yesterday at his home in Springfield. At least seven slovenly racists waved a swastika flag (alongside a U.S. flag), threw fascist salutes and taunted passersby with a sign in Marr's lawn that read "Holocaust is Hokum."

It was Holocaust Remembrance Day, marking the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

A much larger group of protesters and Eugene Antifa gathered across the street, chanting "fuck Nazi scum" and other choice slogans, as can be seen in this video posted to Facebook. At one point Marr's guests crossed the street to get in the faces of the anti-fascists but the Nazis, outnumbered, retreated. (To be fair, they also retreated when the numbers were to their advantage at a barroom last month in Portland.)

Video: Nazis thrown out of Portland's Lucky Lab beer hall.

The police came eventually. But the Eugene Register-Guard, which covered the confrontation, made no mention of arrests and says the scene, which kicked off at 7 pm, wound down around 9 pm.

Oregon was recently named as a hotbed of hate crime, based on reports submitted to a database run by the investigative journalism site ProPublica.

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