Authorities Release Suspect

I'd say skin color and class were both very relevant in this case ["Found and Lost," WW, May 3, 2017]. We can debate which matters more, as people always try and do. But that would be beside the point.

Yes, most crime victims are poor. But crime victims of color are disproportionately affected.


I see a lot of issues with how this case was handled. I'm guessing the DA's office screwed up.

You have a situation now where DAs across the country are under pressure to reduce the number of people going to prison. One way to do that is to lower the number of cases prosecuted.

—Pamela Fitzsimmons

The real issue is policing, both the response to a reported crime as well as the follow-up and prosecution, and that's where the massive failing was in the situation documented in this article.

Also, resources tend not to be available to lower-income and minority communities.


Expansion of Art Museum

The Portland Art Museum's arrogance, including touting the project on its website like it's a done deal, is disgusting ["The Rothko Job," WW, May 3, 2017].

For pedestrians—and there are lots of them—the plaza is still Southwest Madison Street, in a form that's a welcome respite from cars. Walking through a building, during very limited hours only, is nothing like comparable public access.

The article's final quotes show what J.S. May of the museum thinks of "those people." City Council, say no.

The uproar over this shows how small-minded Portland can be. Here's a chance to put the city on the world's art map, but some would rather scuttle it than having to walk around the building.

Let's hope the Rothko family doesn't change their mind—they really don't need Portland for anything. They're doing us a favor. I'm sure any other art museum in the world would be happy to take their gift.

The opposition is not to a Rothko Pavilion (and Rothko happens to be my favorite 20th-century painter). The opposition is to the blocking of the passageway. The museum can erect an architecturally brilliant addition with a pass-through, as has been done at other art museums.

—Geoffrey Wren

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