The new report, based on a confidential 269-report prepared by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, follows on previous investigations of Salazar and the Oregon Project by the BBC and ProPublica and The Times of London.

“The report, some aspects of which have been reported by The Times of London, describes, over 269 pages, a culture of coercion, secrecy and possible medical malpractice in the Oregon Project, an effort to make American distance running relevant again on the international stage,” writes reporter Times reporter Matt Hart. “Antidoping officials depicted Salazar as a medicine chest whose door swung open for the world-class athletes on Nike’s payroll. They said he provided or helped gain access to prescription-dose vitamin D; calcitonin; ferrous sulfate; Advair; testosterone; and various thyroid medications. Many of the drugs have no proven benefits for runners.”

Salazar and Nike declined to respond to questions from the New York Times.